Clearance Food as low as 50 cents!

Remember the Prime Pantry Clearance deals that have been going on, the ones where you need a code to make the deal work? No code needed anymore!!! This opens up the deal options for everyone across the U.S. Of course it also means the deals (as always) are regional. What may be in stock for me may not be for you.

There are 37 pantry items currently showing for me here in Northern California.

There are items as low as 50 cents!!

One thought on “Clearance Food as low as 50 cents!

  1. […] in Prime Pantry are not always lower than Amazon Prime, but you can score some great deals in their clearance section. Plus, they run promotions like the Buy 5 save $5, Buy 10 save $10, Buy 15 save $15 promotion right […]

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