Pampers are our brand

With Garret, my first son, we didn’t use Pampers; to be honest I am not sure why. I think it was because he had an allergic reaction to some random brand and when Luvs worked we went with them. When my second son, Wyatt, was born I went straight to Luvs and quickly learned that two boys are not alike. Didn’t matter which way I secured the diaper or how wet he was it was as if he was always leaking; not good. Back to the drawing board… Now, let us remember that diapers are not cheap (no matter the brand), but I was willing to try anything because a leaking diaper is no laughing matter.

I’m an online shopper, I do not have time to park – shop – corral the kids – load car – etc etc. I popped on to that trusty world wide web and found that Pampers were on sale and thus I bought them. I can’t turn down a good sale. And I had to get both the swaddlers and the cruisers because again, two kids are not made alike.

I am not going to say Pampers Cruisers were life changing because ultimately it is a diaper that I use to contain my sons…uhm… well you know… and then toss. I will say that we have yet to have a leak that is the fault of the diaper. All leaks can not be prevented, this mama is not waking a sleeping toddler to change a diaper, nope. No judging either, he’s my second and I have learned that lesson.

I have found the Pampers Cruisers to be my go-to brand now. The price is average for a name brand diaper and they are available almost everywhere making them easy to find. Wyatt is rather pleased with them too, he’s excited to try the 360 style of Cruisers I just got him (see the pic, he’s a cutie).

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