50% OFF Yumi Baby Food

Receive 50% OFF your purchase of Yumi Baby Food.

  • Research shows that a baby’s first 1,000 days of life are the most important in their life for nutrition and development. Yumi works with nutritionists and doctors to ensure that each meal supports development and is high in at least 10 micronutrients.
  • Yumi will send you meals and content based on your child age and development stage. Their curated delivery will help them power-up for critical milestones.

Use promo code: YUMI50

Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each pay period until you cancel.If you cancel after the weekly cutoff(Tuesday 11: 59 pm PT) or after the monthly cutoff(Tuesday 11: 59 pm PT of your third week), you will still receive and be charged for the next shipment.

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