Amazon Echo Show 5 Pre-Prime Day Deals

Prime day is on Tuesday October 13, 2020 and Wednesday October 14, 2020 but Amazon has already discounted several of their devices.

Echo Show 5 – Let’s you make phone calls, watch movies, listen to music, tell Alexa to do things, and many more tasks that I can’t even fathom. Normally this ultra fancy and capable device is $89.99 but not today. Today there are huge promotions that you can score:

$49.99 $ 124.98 Echo Show + the blink mini

$45.98 + $0.99 $119.98 Echo Show 5 + 3 months of Amazon Kids+

$49.99 $112.97 Echo Show 5 + Smart Plug

$44.99 $129.98 Echo Show 5 + Complimentary Food Network Subscription

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