Update 6.6.21 Is it real? Is it fake? I tested this ring and love it

Update 6.6.21: This ring is still just as pretty as the day I got it. I didn’t give one care to it in the time I’ve warn it and it’s legit. Great buy for under $2.00.

I’ve wanted an inexpensive ring to wear instead of my wedding set and I am not a fan of spending money on jewelry so when I saw this ring’s price tag all I could think was, “meh, what could it hurt?” Worst case scenario it never arrives or it arrives and it’s cheap and turns my skin green. Either I will get a refund or have a cheap piece of jewelry.

That ring has not left my finger once since mid March; washed dishes, gardening, laundry, cleaning items with bleach, lotions and showers. It still looks just as good as the day I pulled it out of the tiny baggie it arrived in.

I took a chance on this ring and you won’t regret yours!

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