Sun shirt discount for my followers!

Save double on this amazing sun shirt with a coupon at the listing and the below promo code at checkout.

Not only did this shirt keep the sun out but protected me from the wind as well. The material is light weight and breathable making it easy to keep on all day long. I love the thumb holes as well because it extends the sun protection down to my entire hand. I was able to catch that striped bass while staying cool. This is the men’s shirt and it comes with the hood (another epic perk). There is also a women’s shirt and I’ll add a promo for that below as well.

Grab your We1Fit Men’s UPF 50+ Sun Protection Hoodie Shirt here

Clip the qpon and enter promo Code We1Fit1402

Interested in the women’s version? It has pockets!

The women’s style is right here, save with promo code wefit133

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