Negotiate Your House Bills

Ever wanted a lower bill, but did not know how to get a lower bill? Maybe your insurance is too high, or your power bill too high and you are tired of it. Have Billshark negotiate your bills for you. You spend no time, but you benefit after they negotiate. They do take a 40% commission on what you save though… So if you save $100 they would take $40 as their fee.

If you have some bills you want to negotiate then get Billshark.

Same-day Amazon Prime Delivery

Can you get same-day or one-day delivery in your area?

Not all areas have these features and not all prime items have these shipping options, but many do. I’ve used the same day delivery in a pinch a time or two. Same day orders arrive by 8p.m. the day of order. You will see before adding it to your cart if they are able to have it arrive the same-day or next day as you place that order.