Negotiate Your House Bills

Ever wanted a lower bill, but did not know how to get a lower bill? Maybe your insurance is too high, or your power bill too high and you are tired of it. Have Billshark negotiate your bills for you. You spend no time, but you benefit after they negotiate. They do take a 40% commission on what you save though… So if you save $100 they would take $40 as their fee.

If you have some bills you want to negotiate then get Billshark.

One of the most important reasons to monitor your credit

Fraud and identity theft. Let me tell you why having Credit Sesame monitor my credit for free truly was life changing today.

Think about the amount of information we all put on the internet, send in a text, or use in an app. Most of the time we do not even bat an eye at doing so. I’m one of those many people and what happened today won’t change most of that, but it will make me take my credit more seriously.

After a nice long visit with my grandmother my boys and I adventured the three hour drive home. When I got home and glanced at my phone I had an alert that said my credit report had been accessed by a large department store as an attempt to get a credit card. I knew it wasn’t me, I had been driving and with family all day… so I called each bureau to let them know, put in a fraud alert as well as I called that department store.

Had I not been alerted to the inquiry this could have been much worse. Instead I was able to get a jump on the individuals who stole my identity. To keep you informed of all the activity on your credit report you need to monitor it and you need to do that for free.

Credit Sesame is 100% free, there is no catch, no hidden fee, and no credit card needed. I’ve used them for years and, especially today, I’m so thankful they are watching my credit for me, like I said… this could have been so much worse.

30% off Essentials!

It is time to stock up on every day essential items! Home goods, paper, some snacks too! Select accounts are eligible for this promotion, unfortunately mine is not one of them (boo!).

This promotion can be added to other discounts. If the item is Subscribe&Save eligible the code applies to that order along with your subscription discount. If the item also has a coupon the deal stacks! Possible triple stack (promo code + subscription + clipped coupon).

Enter code: PU1XMA16YNLM at final checkout

Here are some good ones I found!

Funko POP! WWE – John Cena, You Can’t See Me (Invisible)

Amazon has the Funko POP! WWE – John Cena, You Can’t See Me (Invisible) on Pre-order right now! The release date is April 15, 2019 so you don’t have too long to wait either!! As of this post the price is $12.99

  • When you pre-order with Amazon you lock in the price that the product is when you purchased it. If, by the time the item ships, the price goes down then you only pay that new lower price. Awesome perk!