Amazon Prime Samples – What you need to know

Amazon gives it’s prime members the benefit of trying it before you buy it with their Prime Samples program. When you buy one of the samples you then get a credit for the cost of the samples to be used on a future purchase. The full Amazon explanation is right here.

Buying online is sometimes scary because you aren’t 100% sure you are going to like something, especially beauty products, food, and heaven forbid Fido not like the dog treats you just spent money on. This is a great way to be able to try it before you buy it. Plus, each sample is free after credit so you aren’t losing anything at all. And you can combine a subscribe and save deal with your credit for extra savings too.

You are probably wondering where you can check your credits, right? Head on over here and see what your sample credits are.

Sample Boxes: There are beauty boxes, food boxes, and even pet boxes. They start at $6.99 depending on the box. The price you pay is also the credit you get to spend on a future purchase from that category. So the box is free after credit!
Beverage and Food: Yes you can even order food and beverages to try. These start at $2 for each sample and again you get that credited right back. So each sample is free after credit!

 Vitamins too: These start around $4.00 each, but are free after the credit you get.

Don’t have prime? Grab a 30 day free trial here!

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