Gearbest order was a success!

If you have been a member for a while you will know that I frequently promote deals from Gearbest and other lesser known retailers along with the standard big box retailers (Macys, Amazon, Target, etc). I do this because I want to show my followers the best deals around the web. Also (full disclosure here) I possibly make a commission when you purchase through my links.

I only promote sites that I feel are legitimate and that I have personally had a good experience with. Gearbest is one of those sites…

I placed two orders on November 27, 2018 on Gearbest; one via the app for my iPhone and the other via the web browser Safari also on my iPhone. Ordering was very easy and I was able to checkout with PayPal. I received the order confirmations shortly after placing the order and saw the transaction in my PayPal history. I never did get a shipping notification or any updates, but I’m happy to report that on December 17, 2018 both orders arrived.

I scored this cute crocodile game for Wyatt and this amp for the hubby. Truth be told he picked out both, but I shall take the credit 🙂

Large Crocodile Biting Game $5.96

I used a can for reference to show you the size. It’s cute and Wyatt loved it.


Car Channel Amplifier $14.81

It’s all plugged in the way hubby said it needed to be and it works great. Hubby is the stereo guy so I shall take his word for it.


I wouldn’t promote it, or talk about it, unless I had a good personal experience. I’m just some lady on the internet bringing you deals, but I’d like to think I’m rather trustworthy.

Happy shopping!