Twitch + Prime = EXTRA Benefits!

Whether you are a gamer or not you should combine your Amazon Prime with Twitch. Twitch is a FREE site that allows people to connect to others over games. Watching others all over the globe play their game and even chat with them or other people! Interaction and gaming at its finest. A Twitch membership is free and anyone can sign up for it, and here is why even if you are not a gamer you too should sign up.

Twitch has paired with Amazon to give you extra Amazon Prime benefits.

Already have Twitch? 
Head over and connect your existing Prime account to your Twitch account
Don’t have Twitch? 
Head over sign up then connect your Prime account to your Twitch account

When you pair Prime with Twitch you get these extra benefits…

  • Release date delivery of any game you order. It arrives to your home the day it is released, how neat is that? 
  • Ad-free viewing between your Twitch and Amazon accounts 
  • Discounts on pre-orders of boxed games 
  • Free Prime-now two hour delivery 
  • FREE Video game EVERY DAY
  • And… all the other wonderful benefits of Amazon Prime! 

Add to your existing Prime account or sign up for Prime just to get the perks of connecting your Twitch account… Either way it’s a win win!

And don’t forget that Prime Day is coming (we let you know about it here) in less than a week and having Prime is essentially in making sure you are ready to grab all those great deals.

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