Amazon Day

You may be one of the few people who have been invited to try out Amazon’s new feature, Amazon Day. No, it’s not another one day sale extravaganza it is a new shipping feature.

This feature is by invitation only as of right now, probably to see how members react to it. It is available at no additional cost for prime members.

How will I know if I was invited? At final checkout you will see the “Your Amazon day – New!” as a shipping option. Then you choose your Amazon Day.

See the third shipping option? That’s how you know if you have been invited.

Well what is it then? You still get the benefit of free 2 day delivery, and the no-rush shipping option, but now you can choose the day you want all your items delivered. Amazon will then group your orders throughout the week and ship them all at once for delivery on the day of your choice. You have a bit more control about what day items arrive, great option if you are going out of town! And, some of the accounts that have this new shipping feature are able to have add-on items shipped without the minimum order requirement as prime items. You may have seen me say “says add-on but lets me checkout” on many deals, well this is what I’m talking about. Again, select accounts only. Sorry guys.

There are a few more specifics here. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t have this option yet, again it is invite only and they will roll it out in your area soon I’m sure.

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